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Writing Pick-up

August 14, 2009

Finn, Jake, and Marceline

Cartoon Network has announced a batch of pick-ups including one for a second season of Adventure Time scripts. Hats off to Pen and the crew.

For those of you keeping score, here’s the rundown of the first season’s titles. While the list is sorted by production number, it’s an accurate reflection of neither the order of production nor how they’ll be paired for air. And the titles are subject to change (several already have). Finally, #6 was killed; that’s why there’s a #27. But that could change, too. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure why I’m even posting this. But who doesn’t enjoy a good list?

692-001 The Enchiridion
692-002 Brothers in Insomnia
692-003 Evicted!
692-004 My Two Favorite People
692-005 Prisoners of Love (formerly Meet the Ice King)
692-006 N/A
692-007 Ricardio the Heart Guy
692-008 Helmet of Thorogon
692-009 Slumber Party Slaughter (formerly The Royal Promise)
692-010 Memories of Boom Boom Mountain (formerly Helping Hand)
692-011 The Jiggler
692-012 City of Thieves
692-013 When Wedding Bells Thaw
692-014 Business Time
692-015 Trouble in Lumpy Space
692-016 Tree Trunks
692-017 Ice King and Son
692-018 An Ogre Named Donny
692-019 Duke of Nuts
692-020 Finn the Wizard
692-021 Marceline Slave Story
692-022 Witches Garden
692-023 Dungeon Masters
692-024 Gut Grinders
692-025 Finn Underwater
692-026 Finn Meets his Hero
692-027 Ice King Has a Point

— Eric

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